Who We Are

Specialists of the external joinery metal, at Wallnets we work to the way a ferronnier of the item The requirement is at the heart of our values, we are looking through each and every project a quality of optimal performance. We are recognized for our ability to meet the highest requirements and complete projects to the most unusual : the most traditional to the most original, from the smallest to the grandest.

Our unique added value, custom

Our role is to make it achievable each of your desires. We have (almost) no limit if it is not yours ! We master the art of welded Steel as well as aluminum assembled. From design to manufacturing, we will always find a solution to meet your development project outside, that is our major difference.

How We Work




Your own style





Renowned for its ability to satisfy the highest requirements, Wallnets is also the case for the extent and diversity of its offering : six ranges of portals, gates and fences, railings, aluminum and stainless steel, canopies and defenses of window…

Robust, indestructible, 100% recyclable, aluminum also offers the advantage of providing a reduced maintenance and to comply with all the desires, creative in terms of shapes, colours and decorations for a harmonization ideal with all styles of environment.